Welcome to Omega Asphalt

Omega Asphalt is the premium asphalt company in Western Australia.

Our focus is to deliver high quality driveways, carparks and roads to all our residential and commercial customers. Our experienced and qualified engineers can provide obligation free advice and quotes no matter the size of the job.

We define ourselves by three simple promises to our customers:

Quality - Safety - Service


These three promises are reinforced by our brand. The strength of our brand relies on delivering to our customers a product and service experience that is without match.

Quality - Every day, every job, every project will be completed to the highest level of workmanship. We employ the best people in the industry to ensure the quality of our product is unrivaled.

Safety - The safety of our people and those we come into contact with are our primary concern. In everything we do, every decision we make, the safety of all will be assured.

Service - Omega will consistently deliver the highest level of customer service. We will be on time. Our personnel will be well dressed, polite and on all occasions the people we interact with will be treated with respect.